Mill One Picture Gallery
Mill One Picture History

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Mill One was once home to a historic icon during the World War II era in Trenton, formally known as Atlantic Products Corporation. This once booming luggage business was the central manufacturing, distribution, and office center for hundreds of employees. The images is this gallery were from a publication published in 1977, and depict the space when it was full of machinery, crafted products, and talented employees. This offers a glimpse of the rich history Mill One has, and what it brought to our community. Mill One is currently being rehabilitated to showcase its historical heritage, while becoming a modernized “Sustainable Urban Village” focal point in our area that offers flex space for rent or lease.

Hilda attaching grasshopper handles at Atlantic Products Corporation.

Isabella completing a final inspection at 1 North Johnston Ave, Hamilton, New Jersey.

Albert is binding a perimeter of luggage at the once focal point in Trenton, NJ.

Albert and George put their skills to the test die-cutting material at the feed cutting press.

Cynthia is getting the parts ready for flow molding.

Luggage is ready to be distributed from Trenton, NJ to all over the globe.

Betty joins together bowling bags for your night out.

Pete rivets golf bags in the "C" section of the building.

Once Jack installs the rings into these golf bags, you'll be ready to relax on your next day off.

Miguel studies the quality of the product before distribution. Quality is still the main goal in the building today.

Creativity and dedication flows through Song's work while he sews the bottoms of these golf bags.

Charles riveting the bottom of a piece of luggage at the warehouse / manufacturing building.

The finished Atlantic Products Corporation product ready to be shipped out of Mill One in the 1960's.

"Our second 50 years" Atlantic Products Corporation.